Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rubber Ducky - a small, fun resource monitor


Rubber Ducky - a small, fun resource monitor

MimarSinan Rubber Ducky - a small, fun resource monitor is a small system performance monitor that reports on your RAM and swap file use, network traffic, plus hard drive and CPU activity levels.There are similar dozens of programmes but still it is somewhat unique and fun.

If, you're tired of glaring at tiny numbers and graphs, but still want something to help you keep  eye of yours smooth and calculative with small fun in relation to  what your system is up to, give  Rubber Ducky - a small, fun resource monitor a try. It uses a small "aquarium" complete with little rubber duck that sits above your system tray. Each element in the aquarium means something. Rubber Ducky - a small, fun resource monitor unique is the display.

Key Benefits:
System Information at a Glance
small aquarium sits above the system tray
elements of the aquarium represent system information
see what is slowing down your system at a single look

Available Performance Monitors
water level: RAM usage, if the duck is drowning close some running applications to improve the performance.
water color: SWAP file usage, if the water color is too dark then means the computer is starting to use swap file as it is running low on free memory, so close some of yours memory intensive applications.
bubbles: CPU usage
fish: NETWORK traffic,fish moving from right to left means the download the inbound traffic and
plants: DISK activity, almost all the programmes write to hard disk but some are more ,plants waving means programmes writing to disk and on the contrary plants still then the opposite.
bubble: if there is too much bubble then one of the program me using too much cpu so control it otherwise system may slow down or destabilize the system.

Downlaod Link 
Direct Downlaod Link

Quite a creative
Creative way to visualize the metrics.
Always on top can be configured through settings.
Load on start up can be managed through settings.
Transparency level can be managed as the default being 200 percentage.
It consumes  5 to 6 MB of Ram .
When clicked gives a twittering sounds of birds
Cute and unobtrusive.
In a way you can manage yours memory also enjoying the fun of aquarium.
keep the aquarium visible on the desktop so that you can constantly monitor the system status.


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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pandora Recovery



This product will help you find and recover your deleted files from both NTFS and FAT formatted volumes. Pandora Recovery will allow you to scan all files and directories on any logical drive of your computer with supported file format. Once the scanning is complete you have full control over which files to recover and what destination to recover them to.

Installing Pandora Recovery is accomplished by running the installation utility available at Here
and then accepting the End User License Agreement (EULA), and then completing a few quick settings as detailed below.

An easy way to get started recovering your deleted file(s) is by using the Wizard. By default the Wizard will open automatically when you start Pandora Recovery. You can also access the Wizard by clicking on the wizard icon in the program toolbar.

  Browse Method

If you have selected the “Browse” method using our wizard, the “Next” button will collect data on selected drive and display deleted files found on that drive. Please see our Recovering Deleted Files section to learn how to recover deleted files(s).

  Search Method

If you have selected the “Search” method using our wizard, the “Next” button will take you to the Pandora Recovery Search page. You can also get to the “Search” method by clicking on the “Search” tab at the very top. Enter the search parameters for the deleted file(s) you are looking for and then click the “Search” button. A list of files matching your search criteria will be displayed .

  Surface Scan Method

If you have selected the “Surface Scan” method using our wizard, the “Next” button will take you to the Pandora Recovery Surface Scan page. You can also get to the Surface Scan page by selecting the “Surface Scan” tab at the top.

Download Pandora Recovery from here


1. Very good software having recovering some un recoverable files as I have experienced with some of other soft wares in this category.
2. while recovering the files it takes 9 to 10 mb of Ram which is excellent considering the recovering  process it is undergoing.
3.GUI is extremely understandable and user friendly and smooth and also very intuitive with lots of tips to do what is or what not to do and  so on.
4. Surface Scan Method is very useful though it takes time ,  it physically analyses your drive sector by sector to locate deleted files that still reside on your drive. This method is much slower than the method use in Browse and Search. However, performing the scan using this method can locate additional files not found using the faster and simpler Browse and Search methods, including files deleted during a drive format.
5.The preview method is excellent and also recovering files with automatic folder opening at the recovery has been excellent and good.
6.In the option section you have option of show wizard at start up or vice -versa
7.automatic update or manual update can be configured
8.Log file size limitations can be done manually
9.In languages section apart from English 3 more languages can be configurable
10.GUI is wonderful and it itself guides the user for a smooth drive.
11. One drawback  is unable to recover the software you have accidentally deleted , if you find is wrong then please comment and then I will rectify it.